Whether you are at the beginning of a sales journey or you just need certain solutions for an already defined sales strategy, the Brand Care team offers a wide range of services in the field of sales and hiring an experienced and reliable sales team that can help you effectively position at various points of sale. will encourage consumers to choose your product.

The goal we set through merchandising activities is that each point of sale has planned products, in the best place and in the full range.
Every day, 30 merchandisers are in stores, visiting an average of over 900 points of sale, thus covering the entire territory of our country, possessing advanced technology with the help of which it collects daily data on the point of sale.
Our extensive retail experience allows us to work with our customers to design custom retail solutions that meet the unique needs of their business.

Activities performed by our merchandisers:

The main tasks when entering the facility are:

An overview of the state of stocks in the warehouse and the addition of primary and secondary positions

Product placement according to FIFO and FEFO methods

Setting regular / special prices

Review of short deadlines, and check the OOS of all items that are listed

Direct and suggestive sales through sending requests

Implementation of planograms

Through the implementation of planograms, we harmonize the position and number of items with the method of purchase and consumer habits. The goal of the implementation is to improve sales as a result and at the same time provide the optimal level of stock of your products.
The importance of having a proper and implemented planogram is also shown by the fact that PWD can be reduced by an average of as much as 23%.

Main tasks during the implementation of the planogram:

Organizing and arranging products according to the retail plan, making sure that the shelf is clean and tidy

He places the products from the warehouse on the sales area, taking care that the shelves are full

Installation / removal of POS materials if necessary

Setting regular / special prices

Photographing after work

POS material setting

POS material crucially influences customer behavior if it is placed in the right place and if it draws attention to a certain product in an attractive way and directs it from the competition to you. The Brand Care team provides a complete solution from idea, production, distribution to material storage. And with the help of our external team of designers, each POS material will be designed according to your wishes.

Activities that follow the setting of POS materials:

Received a request from the client for the setting of POS materials

Design, production and storage of materials in our warehouse

Making a plan and setting up POS materials

Taking photos and sending reports after the job is done

Why Merchandising Matters:

  • The use of merchandising in sales activities is estimated that it is possible to achieve a constant increase in sales of 20-75%, depending on the type of goods.
  • Sales decisions at the point of sale are greatly influenced by the appropriate placement, display and presentation of products on the shelf, so it is important to have positioning solutions emphasizing their competitive advantage.
  • More than half of the lost sales days come from 2% of OOS lasting more than 10 days. These statistics show the impact on your sales and customer loyalty to your brand. Brands that leave their seats unfilled for a long time risk losing their share of shelves and damaging both their reputation with sellers and their consumers.