Our team

Our team

Complementing mutual knowledge in the sales segment and crossing many years of experience on the client side and on the retail side, Brand Care can boast of a team that is always committed to the client and brands:

Marko Purković

Founder & Director

He completes his academic education in the field of economics and management very soon after graduating from college with experience in business itself. He was part of successful teams in companies in the field of IT, telecommunications, but also sales organizations where he gained valuable experience for his further development.
He opens his own company for the distribution of consumer goods in Bosnia and Herzegovina and together with the principals develops brands in that market and promotes sales with his clients.
At the same time, he works on his training, attends specialized fairs and conferences, in order to convey to clients, but also to his team, novelties that raise the level of services and provide the best tools for work.
He left the developed business to his partners, and returned to Serbia, where he founded the Brand Care company with a clear vision and great experience. It brings together colleagues from the industry, completes personal experience with theirs, and together with its people becomes available to clients, in the office but also in the field.

Marko about leadership:

“A true leader should have a vision, he must be creative, he must know where he sees his team and his business in the next five years. He must know how to make his way to the goal and he should convey that to his team through positive energy, knowledge and enthusiasm. It’s one thing to have an idea and keep it to yourself, and it’s another to put it all into action with your team. That is the greatest satisfaction. “

Milan Petrović

Operational Manager for Serbia

He has been building his sales experience from the very beginning of his career. Business studies give him an excellent basis to better understand the ultimate goal on the ground, but also to complete his performance in the negotiations.
He was part of the sales teams of large international companies, but he is mostly profiled in the consumer goods industry and the trade sector, which is becoming almost the most important link in sales. As the “category manager” of one of the largest retailers in this area, he got to know the other side of sales a lot.
In Brand Care, he leads the sales team and easily understands his colleagues, and he can help them a lot with his experience both in retail and in the companies themselves.

Milan about leadership:

“In order to give the customer the maximum, you need to understand the process of product movement from the beginning to the end customer – what are the challenges in the company, stores, and people in the field. Additionally, you need to be on the ground and follow the market, help your people and give them clear guidelines on why it is important to do a certain thing. Selling is easy, when your end customer has the product he wants to buy! ”

Snežana Terzić

Client Services Manager

After 15 years of experience in this field, Snezana is starting to lead a team of people in the field and with her knowledge and experience to educate and improve the quality of work of our colleagues as well as the business itself.

Milenko Sladoje -

Milenko Sladoje

Field Force Manager

After fifteen years of work in marketing and sales and completed academic studies in management and trade, this activity occupies and inspires our colleague Milenko. The FMCG industry constantly develops and seeks to develop, offering unfathomable opportunities.

Working in international companies where he worked in previous years, training, fairs, and conferences allowed him to expand his knowledge of these activities and learn different strategies and organizations.

There are many challenges but also solutions. The point is to choose the right one. Clients/buyers are always right, and we must do everything we can to satisfy them.

Only a high-quality and satisfied team brings the best results, which is undoubtedly the Brand Care team.

The right team – the leader can boast that he has built a group that meets the needs of the company and the market even when he leaves the company, and the same team almost does not feel his departure. The leader built the team, not his position and the myth of his irreplaceability.

Branko Gašić

Regional manager NORTH region

Branko started his career in Brand Care as a merchandiser in the field, where he shows exceptional responsibility and sophistication. Now, after a year of work, he independently leads the team of the north and improves the skills of his colleagues.

Miloš Aleksić

Supervisor for the region CENTRAL AND SOUTHERN SERBIA

Thanks to the high level of responsibility, diligence and dedication, in less than a year, Miloš achieves amazing results and becomes the supervisor of central and southern Serbia.

Biljana Stojadinović

Regional manager SERBIA WEST

Our colleague Biljana Stojadinović, before joining the Brand Care team, gained experience in administrative jobs in various industries. Although tied to the office, each job brought her work with people and their coordination.

“What fascinated me most in this company and confirmed my idea that I should not go further is the human attitude towards employees. Brand Care has given me the freedom and wings to take as much as I am willing. I did not abuse my freedom, improved my knowledge, and grew with the company. ”

In April 2021, she became the supervisor of the western region with a team of 6 people and almost 20 cities, and 17 principals in the region.

“I see Brand Care as my home; I feel like a member of one big family that I hope will grow quickly and that I will be able to contribute at least a little to the progress of our company.

My motto and what I am guided by is that our employees are equal. As a supervisor, I do not single myself out above them. I try to dedicate myself to them, solve their problems and help them feel as comfortable as I feel at Brand Care. I have a close connection with my team and friendly relations, and I try to be their support in every segment.

My life motto is that a man, wherever he goes and whatever he does, carries with him what he was and did until then. What he carries with him is what that man is. I try to leave behind people who will smile at the mention of my name; then, I will think that I have succeeded. “